Eldon Road Baptist Church

Wood Green, N22 5DT

What’s on in November 2017?


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             What’s on?


Services are at 10.45am.

6.30pm service on 1st Sunday of the Month only.

Sunday evening service will be in the Church Lounge.

  5th  10.45am John Nichols

         6.30pm Evening Service 

12th  10.45am Ruth Conlon

19th  10.45am Andrew Maynard

26th  10.45am Andrew Maynard




20th  7.45pm Deacons’ Meeting   at 8 Connaught Gardens, N13




  7th  10.30am Bible Study

21st  10.30am Bible Study




  1st   1pm Parents+Toddlers

  8th   1pm Parents+Toddlers

15th   1pm Parents+Toddlers

22nd   1pm Parents+Toddlers

29th    1pm Parents+Toddlers





 2nd  2pm Thursday Fellowship
                 Peter and Sally Maclure

  9th  2pm Thanks Giving Service in Memory of Marjorie Castle Followed by Tea & Cakes in Lounge


16th  2pm Thursday Fellowship
                            Mr Daren Chubb





11th 9.30am Prayer Meeting


Eldon Road Baptist Church is a member of the
London Baptist Association and the Evangelical Alliance

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